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Rosemont Road

LA meets London in this swish five bedroom Victorian home, nestled in one of Richmond's most cherished roads at the top of the Hill. 

An architect's deft hand and vision, combined with an exquisite finish, are on constant display throughout this incredibly stylish family home.  A smart Victorian facade envelopes an interior where no detail has been spared.  Anyone who struggles with the imperfections of period properties should see this because there are none.  Walls are perfectly straight, doors are perfectly level, ceilings are perfectly flat and draughts are perfectly absent.  If you'd stepped into this property when it was newly built in 1860, it would have sung like this, except here, the quality of workmanship is on a different level. 

What they've pulled off here is quite spectacular.  The rear ground floor is an open plan living area that's flooded with natural light, at times coming in from interesting angles. The seamless flow between the original building and the extension that carries on through to the delightful garden is a glorious triumph.  

The garden harnesses surrounding nature in a most beautiful, artistic way, as if a clearing has been made in the middle of ancient woodland.  And you don't just get to enjoy this lush natural ecosystem from the garden or indeed the room where you slide back the glass and 'become one' with it.  The garden view from the first floor is simply breathtaking.  Your gaze meets the canopy at eye level.  Lose yourself in the chatter and activity.  Any worries or concerns will evaporate and you will feel blessed. 

At the front you can park the Tesla and the Triumph together side by side.  

Children play in the street, actors chatter about their latest role, the postman knows your name - and the milkman still does deliver the milk. 


Price £3.5M

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