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Richmond Upon Thames Home Buying and Selling Specialists


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No one could love Richmond as much as I do! My family moved here when I was two. I was educated here (Vineyard, then Grey Court) and this was still home whilst I was at university.  After a brief spell in Paris and longer spell in Chelsea, I was drawn back to Richmond with my husband and two children in 2007. Coming back home was always a case of ‘when’.  It was my destiny and I can’t think of a single place in the world that I’d rather live. I’ve well and truly got the bug, you might say.


So why has Richmond got under my skin?  Well, it’s got everything and is perfectly self-contained.  I love having cinemas and theatres on our doorstep.  I love the way you can be in Richmond Park and it can feel like you’re in the middle of the country.  I love that we’re so close to Central London, but that it feels much further away than it is. I love the hustle, the bustle and the excited buzz of a Saturday morning. This place is just so alive - you’ll still see people out and about on a cold Sunday evening in January.


But all the amenities and spectacular physical location are just a backdrop for what really makes Richmond so special – its people. The community is just wonderful. It seems to attract interesting, diverse, intelligent, sociable folk - many from overseas.  And the great thing is that, unlike some other parts of London, everyone rubs along with each other giving an incredible vibrancy to this cosmopolitan community. Those that live here know you can’t walk down the road without bumping into a friend, a neighbour or a business acquaintance.  It's magical and I love it.  


And now, to pursue a career evangelising about this heaven on earth and being able to share my passion for and deep understanding of Richmond and its residents, is very special for me indeed.  



I was born and raised in London - and as a child I loved everything about it. If there is such a thing as a ’place of the heart’ - then from an early age - I knew this city would always be my home.  This was also true for my father and so when he was sent to work at GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham, we were all somewhat devastated. As a ten year old, I of course did my best to advise my parents on which house in Cheltenham we should most sensibly buy, taking into consideration its location, potential for improvement and long term capital growth. I spent a whole eight years in exile, before returning to study as an actor at a Drama school in my beloved city.

I worked happily for many years in both theatre and television, however, alongside my acting career, I always somehow found myself buying, selling and doing up houses. My passion for property has always been there and it eventually overtook my life in the performing arts.  Then one day, with two young children to care for - that classic, “escape to the country” presented itself as an attractive and entirely sensible idea. Exchange our west London flat for a picturesque watermill in East Anglia? Needless to say, the idea was swiftly shot down as soon as it made its appearance - however, the idea of moving to Richmond, became a very real and enticing, alternative option. Great schools, lots of greenery, the river, the shops, fantastic architecture and only 20 mins by rail from the National Theatre.

Everyone was concerned, that like Virginia Woolf, I wouldn’t be able to cope, moving a little further out from the ‘heavy air of the city.’ Well, I bought a house on Richmond Hill with the firm intention of doing it up and moving on. And here I am - 16 years later and now I honestly can’t imagine myself ever moving anywhere else. Whilst living here in Richmond I have come to know so many of its beautiful properties and it still excites me whenever another project or search for the perfect house comes up.

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