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Grosvenor Road


Rarely available in Richmond, it's our deep pleasure to be marketing this charming two bedroom house.  And its cheerful Victorian demeanour is no coincidence, sitting as it does on 'Richmond's friendliest road'! 


The layout is both practical and pleasing - ample living space downstairs (and an easy way to create more if required), then two big double bedrooms upstairs and a large bathroom.  The expansive sun-filled garden is genuinely blissful and provides the focal point for the living areas. 


Inside, the feeling is calm, welcoming ... polite even - if it were a person, it would let you finish what you were saying before speaking.  The house is very 'clean' in the sense that everything has been well maintained: no leaks, damp, draughts, good wiring, modern central heating, tidy paintwork etc.  

With not much more than a lick of paint to put on your individual stamp, you could move in and start living immediately, safe in the knowledge that the house has got your back!  

Price £1.4

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