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Kew Road


Built in 1875, Gate House is a particularly fine example of what the English did so well - build exceedingly good period properties.


The kind of stately proportions usually found further out of town, and a carriage drive that provides ample parking for a number of cars, hint at the elevated comforts enjoyed on the other side of the attractive, double-fronted, weathered brick façade.

'How big is the garden?' passers-by must wonder. Well, it doesn't disappoint - it's pretty enormous, yet perfectly private thanks to the delightful perimeter brick wall. The great expanse of lush lawn, bordered by a cornucopia of fruit trees and rose bushes, captures your interest and lifts the spirit. It's just glorious, and of a scale that invites you to contemplate how you might make use of it all. A summer drinks party? A barbecue? A marquee? A wedding reception, perhaps? Put it this way, there's ample room for a game of croquet or family cricket. For us, heaven would be just to sit back with a cup of tea (or maybe a G&T), breathing in the tranquillity whilst gazing dreamily at the stunning array of textures forms and colours as the cares of the day evaporate. Really, could you be anywhere else than England?


Built in the Victorian country house villa style, when space was not at a premium, means all the living and sleeping space is spread over just two floors. Refined and elegant, the interior is suffused with the kind of hard-won character that's only achieved by the passage of time. Ceiling heights are extraordinary and windows are immense, affording splendid views that make you feel very lucky indeed. 

This house hasn't been tinkered with. Structurally, it's largely unchanged since it was built, lending it a rare authenticity and honesty. You sense its age, its dignity. A century and a half of ebbing and flowing family lives have imbued it with a soft, mellow quality that's just tremendously reassuring. Within its solid walls you feel safe, protected. The effect is soothing, almost hypnotic. Reluctant to leave, all we wanted to do was snuggle down and drift off! 

At around five thousand square feet, there's no shortage of space but, should you wish to create more, there's scope to create a great deal more. 

It's patently obvious that the current owners dearly love their home. After forty years, letting go will be a wrench, but let go, they must, to make way for the next family to write their history and create their memories. 

If you have family and are looking for a substantial property in a fabulous part of town, you really ought to take a look. Simply put, this is a remarkable home. It will improve your life...and your children will thank you forever.


  • Quarter acre plot

  • Gated carriage driveway

  • Garage and extensive parking

  • South facing extensive walled garden

  • Detached

  • Overlooking Kew Gardens

  • Double fronted Victorian Villa

  • Close to Richmond Station and town centre

  • Self contained wing

  • Grand proportions and soaring ceilings


Asking Price: £5.650M

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