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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Moving house in Richmond, Surrey

If you are considering putting your home up for sale we can offer completely impartial advice on how and when to sell, and how to present your property to its best advantage. We offer this complimentary service enabling you to make informed choices when selling your home in Richmond.

We will carefully assess the many factors which might affect your property’s potential value - its location, condition, the timing of its sale, current demand and supply, and its realistic development potential. We know the area extremely well and understand the dynamics of what sells a property here. We know what people are looking for and why.

We can give you advice on how to be the best seller. How to prepare your home for sale and, if it’s appropriate, when to take the dog and kids for a walk in the park.

Many people mistakenly believe that with all the information available on the internet they can become accurately attuned to the market overnight. But what you can’t accurately ascertain however, are the reasons why something sold for the price that it did or what the true factors are for the length of time a property has remained unsold. A proper understanding of the local market is essential.

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