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Reduce the Stress of Moving

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Reduce The Stress of Moving House

Buying a new home can be an extremely exciting experience. But, many of us find it an overwhelmingly experience too. The upheaval, uncertainty and often chaotic time can put a particular strain on families and relationships.

To help reduce your stress during a move, here’s N&N’s tips to ensure your move is as calm and stress-free as possible:

Start packing early (unless of course your removal company packs for you). Make sure you buy all your boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, hanging rails etc. Then methodically go through each room, marking boxes clearly by room and by content/value.

De-clutter your home. Use the move as an opportunity to get rid of unwanted items and have a fresh start. The less stuff you have, the fewer hours you need your removals team for

Plan ahead (cancel all current utilities/WIFI & connect all the new ones, redirect your mail, book cleaners for your old & new home, reserve parking spaces for removal vans to load & unload).This will need to be done through the council

Use a personally recommended dependable and reliable removal company. The money you save by trying to do it yourself is far outweighed by the stress of packing all your worldly belongings yourself. Leave it to the professionals. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Book time off work and get a friend or family member to take care of the kids & pets on the day of the move. But make sure you don’t leave the kids out. Get them involved as they’re probably feeling anxious too at the thought of leaving their old home.

Moving day is always slightly chaotic but try to move on a Friday (it’s a popular day so book your removal company early) so you have the weekend to get settled before you go back to work/school.

Make sure you have somewhere to sleep. Either get the removal company to assemble your beds or have a family camp on the mattresses.

Pack a bag of essentials that you’ll need for the first few days. No matter how organised you are, trying to find your PJs, phone charger, toiletries, or your child’s favourite toy after a long day can test the patience of anyone.Try to get enough sleep and ensure you keep up your energy levels with some snacks and drinks for you for the first day. Don’t forget the kettle!

At the end of the day, take time out for yourself. You’ll never unpack everything in a day, so once the removal men have left, order a take-away and put your feet up, don’t forget to breathe. You’ve done it!

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