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Roads of Richmond - Friars Stile Road

Friars Stile Road Richmond, Victorian houses on Richmond Hill TW10

The Friar's Stile stood at the junction of field paths at what is now the top end of Marlborough Road. It was first mentioned in the manor rolls in 1649 when it was ordered that John Spicer should make and maintain a sufficient stile and bridge called by the name of 'Fryer’s Stile’ in return for the right to pasture his own cattle on the grass of the field path leading to it.

The first development of any housing along FRIARS STILE ROAD began in the 1820s. The most substantial building was Rose Cottage which had a tea garden. In the 1840s it became a small hotel - much preferred by the author William Thackeray to the pretentious Star and Garter. He used to ask Dickens to meet him there for lunch as he said it had the best lamb chops in London.

In the 1870s its name was changed to the Marlborough Hotel and partly converted into shops - some of the premises remain as the Marlborough public house today. It was around the 1860s that the row of shops and large villas opposite began to appear. As this area developed the need was felt for a new church so the wealthy landowner and church warden Charles Selwyn gave a piece of his land at the North end of Friars stile road and St Mathias Church was built. Designed by the famous architect Sir George Gilbert Scott. Although most of the scene remains unchanged since 1890, a new row of shops with flats above were built, designed by Eric Lyons, in the 1950s (now also protected by conservation). The whole area became known as Richmond Hill Village with St Mathias church at one end and the beautiful Terrace Gardens and the famous view of the Thames at the other.

There are a dozen or so substantial villas on this road and a few spacious Victorian flats above the shops. In the 1930s two large blocks of flats were built in the road Heathshott near St Mathias and Hillbrow at the Terrace end. Heathshott was originally built as living accomodation for members of the local police force but was developed into private residences in the early 1980s. At the other end is Hillbrow built in the art deco style. Some of the 4 bed apartments in this block have the best views of the river in Richmond.

The houses on this road are substantial around 3000 sq. ft on average and the flats vary from 2 beds to large 4 beds. The prices reflect the size and range from £700k - £1.5m and the houses would certainly range from £2.6 - £4m

Average Property Price: £1million (May 2020)

Local Knowledge & Neighbourhood Haunts:

The road has a great energy, families shopping, children on their way home from the Vineyard Primary School and Maria Grey Nursery school popping in for sweets, friends chatting over coffee or a glass of wine and cats and dogs visiting The Vet on the Hill - it all goes on here and lovely it is too.

It is a 15min walk to Richmond train station and the 371 bus goes from the top end of the road outside St Mathias Church.

What The Neighbours Say:

“Friars Stile Road has been a fantastic place for us to live over the last 18 years. It’s right at the centre of Richmond Hill Village which means you have a real community feel and the convenience of local shops on your doorstep as well as the Marlborough and Roebuck pubs. The kids’ primary schools were always just a short walk away too. We’re just a stone’s throw, of course, from Richmond Park and the terraces. I always feel so lucky whenever I see that view, the “Turner View” over the Thames. I think because it’s such a great location, the houses on Friars Stile often seem to be ‘20 year plus’ houses. Ours had been in the same family for 90 years! They’re lovely high ceilinged, period houses with gardens and often interesting histories. So if one comes up for sale they tend to be snapped up quickly”. Katy

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