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Roads of Richmond - Richmond Hill

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Richmond Hill, Richmond Surrey (The Old Vicarage School, Star & Garter, The Terrace). A great place to live.

The Northern edge of the plateau on which Richmond Park is situated drops down as far as George Street and on the West side a steep escarpment stands above the River Thames and Petersham Water Meadow. On the edge of this the upper causeway (Richmond Hill) was constructed to by-pass the marshy and often flooded ‘lower road’ to Petersham.

In 1625 Charles I brought his court to Richmond Palace to escape the plague in London. He turned the area at the top of the Hill into a park for hunting deer. Following the enclosure of Richmond Park more houses were built outside the park gates and along the road. In the 1690’s some of the houses that still exist were built, a few of them on the turnings off the hill in Ormond Road and The Vineyard. The Terrace walk at the top of the hill overlooking the river was laid out. The most famous view, protected by an act of parliament and now commonly known as Turner’s View has had a seat there for those wanting to admire the view at least as long ago as the 1650’s.

In the 1760s and 1770s Richmond Hill became a fashionable place to live and several new mansions were built and gradually the whole area began to be filled with detached and semi-detached villas. The architecture on the hill is varied. There are large Victorian villas, some of which have been divided into flats; large blocks of flats built in the 1930’s and later on in the 1960’s such as Hewson Terrace. This particular site was once the location of Cardigan House which was part of the site for Richmond Wells, a place of entertainment in conjunction with the mineral springs found on the slopes of the Hill. Richmond Hill remains a very sought after and desirable location to live.

The Average Flat Price: £1.658m

The Average House Price: £3.775m

Local Knowledge & Neighbourhood Haunts:

Walking up Richmond Hill from Richmond Bridge has to be one of the most pleasant walks home. A gorgeous row of independent shops, restaurants and cafes runs almost all the way to The Old Vicarage School. Start with a Cappuccino at Kapucin, lunch at Adesso then perhaps a yoga class at Bhuti, a bunch of blooms from Bramble & Moss and a slice of Comte from Teddington Cheese. Theres’s antique shops, bridal shops, ladies boutiques, beauticians, a poodle parlour and Swagat - one of the best Indians in Richmond. Stop at the Victoria Inn for a quick pint with the locals before diving into Sleeve Notes Records and Tribe Yarns. This is Richmond for Richmonders. No chains - Here you really can “shop small”.

In terms of education your spoilt for choice. Nursery schools - There’s Outdoor Owls on Ormond Road at the bottom of Richmond Hill, The Little Vic for little girls half way up on The Vineyard and Maria Grey at the very top of Richmond Hill. The Old Vicarage School is a private girls prep school and The Ofsted rated Outstanding Vineyard co-ed primary school is at the top by Maria Grey. Catchments for secondary schools are great too with co-ed Grey Court School in Ham and Waldergave School for girls (co-ed sixth form) in Twickenham.

Location - Location - Location - Richmond Hill really has it all. On the doorstep of the Terrace Gardens, a short stroll to the incredible Richmond Park and also the River Thames and the heart of Richmond town centre is just down the hill.

What The Neighbours Say:

“As a family with two young kids, we couldn’t wish for a better neighbourhood. We love how close we are to our children’s schools and having our “own” terrace gardens on our doorstep. We have to pinch ourselves regularly as our panorama over the river and meadows changes with the seasons and makes us feel like we are living in the countryside. I personally love that within five minutes of being out of my front door, we can be fully immersed in nature's best whether on a river walk, playing in the Terrace Gardens or running around Richmond Park - and with not much more effort there is Kew Gardens and The Petersham - making it always a good idea to get outside. I'm just learning you need an endless supply of the right gear - bikes, scooters, wellies, sun hats, frisbees, skateboards...sticks! My kids personally love that interspersed with nature are numerous perfectly placed treat spots like the Holly Hocks cafe, the local Roebuck, caffeine rich Richmond Bakery or lazy lunch Bingham. That and of course the best front row seats for the annual fireworks extravaganza on Guy Fawkes and New Years Eve. It has been said that on a really clear night - you can even see Father Christmas and his reindeer!!” Jo and Murray

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