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Richmond Hill


  • Elegant Georgian 

  • Garage

  • Central location

  • Light filled south west facing garden

  • Fantastic entertaining space

  • No work required, just move in. 

Georgian and ultra-chic? Surely a contradiction! Well, bear with us dear reader... Here the interior has been transformed into an airy, pale and sophisticated Nordic symphony housed within the classical elegance of this substantial Georgian building ... and it's a spectacular, serotonin-inducing success! 

Spread over four floors, the house isn't just bathed in light, it's flooded with the stuff, thanks in part to enormous architectural skylights and epic floor to ceiling doors stretching the width of the property. As for the space, well, that flows more than advanced Vinyasa at Bhuti (just across the road), whilst smart design means it's versatile, so it can be opened up or closed off depending on your mood or need. 

It's as if the owner has taken the concept of calm and distilled it into its most concentrated form to create a feeling that's hard to describe - it's meditative, restorative. Shut the door and your shoulders really do drop. Breathing becomes easier and deeper. But, be under no illusion, supreme comfort has not been sacrificed at the altar of uber calm. It's all incredibly cozy and both dwellers and guests will bathe in a sense of belonging and well-being.  

Its situation is pretty darn perfect too. Smack in the buzzy heart of Richmond Hill, you're a minute from the river, ten minutes from the park, and under ten minutes from the station. 

Ever been to an incredibly chic hotel suite and never wanted to leave? Well, that's how we feel here.

Asking Price: £3.350M

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