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Rosemont Road

A first rate example of a classic Victorian family dwelling, this house is an absolute peach! Situated on one of Richmond's most desirable roads, Rosemont in the heart of Richmond Hill Village. 


Open the door and step into a different world - a world of calm, elegance and permanence. Soothing and reassuring, it has that mysterious power to alter your state of being. Whatever's going on in the world right now, this gorgeous home will provide your family with comfort, security and warmth. 


Evoking a members' club, it manages to be traditional yet somehow contemporary at the same time. Chockablock with original features and delightful details, this house attracts the eye and cheers the soul at every turn. 


Victorian layouts and proportions don't always translate into today's preferences - but this is an exception. Rooms and floors work beautifully and have been largely unchanged since the house was built. As such it exudes a structural integrity and originality that's so hard to find these days. 


The established garden is a tumbling riot of colours and textures. Evocative of an English country garden of old, it provides an idyllic haven for all seasons. 


If you're creative and romantic, you're going to love this exceptional property. 


Rosemont Road lies just off the brow of the Hill and is moments away from the buzz, convenience and charm of the Village. As a no-through road it only serves to enhance an overwhelming sense of serenity and friendliness.

Asking Price: £2.5M

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