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Turning into Montpelier Row, you sense you're somewhere different, somewhere special, somewhere refined. A splendid row of commanding Georgian townhouses standing proudly to attention, they overlook the dense vegetation of trees and shrubs offered by a side perimeter of Marble Hill Park.

Now, are you seeking a five-storeyed house? Or a five-storied house? If the latter, you're out of luck I'm afraid. Built in 1724, if these walls could talk, they'd have many more than five tales to tell! But, if it's the former, read on.

Family HQ for the current owners for a mere 40 years, the time has now come for new occupiers to seize the keys and write the next chapters of this wonderful family home's history (and give those walls something to think about!).


Step inside and the dashing Georgian exactitude and formality of the external facade gives way to something altogether different. At once you're struck by an incredible softness, a sense of calm and a mellow warmth generated not just by the passing of three centuries, but by the exquisite deftness of touch of its current owners. The look is pared-down, with a dash of country chic - simple yet elegant; less twinset and pearls, more jeans and loafers!

Whilst its Georgian bones are very much present, they don't clamour for your attention. In harmony with pale, natural hues, they provide a backdrop for a layout that flows freely from room to room and floor to floor. The result is this easy, breezy charm that will have you marvelling at how this house has managed to waltz so effortlessly from the Age of the Age of AI.

As you'd expect with a house of this quality, the south-west facing walled garden is a triumph. It's over a hundred feet long, but an artist's touch ensures surprise and delight at every turn that will sustain your interest throughout the year.


Montpelier Row has earned the distinction of being one of the finest roads in the area not only because of its celebrated architecture and famous former residents, but also because it finds itself in a location that's hard to beat. Suffolk House overlooks the Elysian Fields of Marble Hill Park: lush lawns running down to an idyllic stretch of The Thames. Twickenham Yacht Club and one of the oldest rowing clubs in the country cater for the more adventurous. You've got buzzy St Margarets Village on your doorstep and the attractions and distractions of Richmond are just a short hop over the bridge.

To summarise, back in 1713, local resident and renowned poet Alexander Pope wrote 'To wake the soul by tender strokes of art'. These words are most appropriate. Come and see what we mean.

Asking Price: £3.650M

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